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From : Carolyn Hansen

The 10 Biggest Fitness Lies Ever!
Nobody likes to be played for a fool. And yet you’ve probably been taken in by at least one of the TOP 10 FITNESS LIES.

Worse, you’ve been wasting countless hours devoting yourself to fitness strategies that have absolutely NO CHANCE of helping you achieve the desired result.

So what to do about it?

Grab your FREE copy of the latest myth-busting expose from fitness professional Carolyn Hansen and put an end to the rainbow chasing. Download your copy of “The 10 Biggest Fitness Lies EVER!” to get the inside story.
Value = $37

From : Health Vantage

Super Virus Immunizer
In ancient China, from as early as 1500 BC, the Chinese relied on natural techniques to immunize themselves, gaining protection from all sorts of viruses and diseases.

The technique was known to be a “Super Virus Immunizer”.

By using those principles and techniques, you could:

* Supercharge your body, gaining 100% immunity

* Instantly reverse ailments and diseases

* Strengthen your ‘life force’ and improve your health by 3x more!

All these secrets are revealed here in this FREE report.

Grab it now before it gets taken down for good!
Value = $49

From : Lily Jensen

Connect With Your Divine Higher Power
FREE Meditation MP3 & Energetic Affirmations PDF.

When you connect with your Divine Higher Power you are connecting with an infinite source of wisdom, power, love and inspiration.

Together with Source Energy, you absolutely CAN accomplish anything!

By choosing to connect with it regularly, you'll become great at hearing its guidance which will lead you down all the right paths in a fast and harmonious way, toward your inspiring goals and dreams.

Claim your FREE meditation and also receive a Special Bonus: 4 step energetic affirmation course to improve your connection with source energy.
Value = $47

From : Meditation FAQs

Vision Quest Meditation MP3s
What you'll get:

#1 - "The Calling" is a very atmospheric track. Spacious, ambient and majestic. With sacred mantra chanting, temple bells, angelic choirs and sweeping orchestral sounds, you are called into attendance – ready to begin your journey within.

#2 - "The Journey" is very hypnotic to listen to, and it also happens to make a wonderful focal point for meditation.

#3 - "The Awakening" This ethereal music will uplift your spirit and fill you with a sense of lightness and inspiration.
Value = $105

From : Geoff Wilkins

Get 4 Full Mind Sync Healthy Downloads
1 - Mind Sync HGH Stimulation:
Stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH using the Mind Sync HGH Stimulator.

2 - Mind Sync Endorphin Release:
Thirty patients had binaural sessions at a particular frequency and experienced relaxation states of 80-100% after five minutes as well as improved pain relief.

3- Mind Sync Serotonin Stimulation:
The serotonin frequencies create the exact theta brainwave state to balance serotonin.

4- Energizer:
Instant energy and alertness.
Value = $90

From : Forest Vance

Beginner's Guide To Kettlebell Training
Learn the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training - so that you can start using kettlebells to burn fat, build lean muscle, and shoot your conditioning levels through the roof ... starting TODAY!
Value = $9

From : Steve G. Jones

The Hypnotic Language Formula
The Six Step Formula For Using Hypnotic Language To Persuade Others.
Value = $27

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