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From : Your Host - Carolyn Hansen

The Weight Loss Secrets That Will Never Get Published
The truth about weight loss almost never gets published. The media would rather prey on our insecurities and exploit our desire for a quick solution than give us practical advice that might actually change our lives.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that slimming down the right way just once makes much more sense than being on a perpetual diet and being perpetually frustrated with less-than-expected results along with roller coaster weight issues.

Wouldn’t YOU like to slim down for good just once, look better AND feel better, too?

Download this special eBook to discover how to:

* Lose Weight Permanently
* Repair The Metabolic Damage
* Stabilize Your Body Weight
* Eliminate The Stress Of Dieting!
Value = $37

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Shift Your Energy
If you're having trouble creating the life you want, it's not because your ability to achieve success is any less than those who have.

It's simply because you may not have known how to properly use the tools and principles that are available to each of us.

You absolutely can learn how to align your energy with your goals and move toward them in a very real way.

Claim Your Gift & Learn The Powerful Secrets To Becoming An Energetic Match To Your Desires!
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From : The Spiritual You

Discover Your Higher Self Using These Five Spiritual Tracks
The benefits of meditation are manifold. A calm
mind, better focus and creativity, improved energy,
healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and increased
happiness are all natural results of meditating

You will get instant access to the following exclusive tracks:

01 Introduction
02 Higher Self Meditation
03 Animal Guide Meditation
04 Spirit of Gaia Meditation
05 Master Teacher Meditation

Grab this while it's still available!
Value = $40

From : Michael Lee

Sleep & Grow Rich With This Strange eBook
Here's a weird but powerful secret to SLEEP that will make you grow rich & attain just about anything you desire.

Get super fast results, perhaps even by the time you wake up!

Just imagine...

You sleep more deeply and peacefully than you've ever had in your life...

...then you wake up knowing exactly how to achieve anything you want - and solve ALL your problems.

This STRANGE SECRET is being used by the world's richest, happiest & most successful people.

Whether it's overflowing money, perfect health, satisfying relationships, red hot romance, immense popularity, or the fulfillment of your wildest dreams - just name it and you'll get it!

Download this most unusual e-Book NOW while it's still FREE!
Value = $47

From : MeditationFAQs

Deep Beneath The Dreaming MP3s
"Deep Beneath the Dreaming" is an incredibly relaxing musical experience with a mystical atmosphere and a sophisticated tapestry of intermingled sounds.

The deep tones and extremely slow pacing of this music encourage mental deceleration and help the listener relax into very deep states of consciousness.

What you'll get:

#1 Deep Beneath the Dreaming

#2 Deep Beneath the Dreaming - Subtle Edition.

#3 Deep Beneath the Dreaming - Oceanic Edition

#4 - Deep Beneath the Dreaming - The Awakening

This transcendent music is also a wonderful accompaniment to natural healing practices and energy healing.
Value = $85

From : Geoff Wilkins

Get 4 Full Mind Sync Healthy Downloads
1 - Mind Sync HGH Stimulation:
Stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH using the Mind Sync HGH Stimulator.

2 - Mind Sync Endorphin Release:
Thirty patients had binaural sessions at a particular frequency and experienced relaxation states of 80-100% after five minutes as well as improved pain relief.

3- Mind Sync Serotonin Stimulation:
The serotonin frequencies create the exact theta brainwave state to balance serotonin.

4- Energizer:
Instant energy and alertness.
Value = $90

From : Meditative Coloring Book

Meditative Coloring Book - Ocean
According To Psychologists, Coloring Is The Best Alternative To Meditation.

About Meditative Coloring Book:
It is all about recollecting your thoughts in peace,
releasing yourself from the noise of the environment,
and enjoying the "Now" season.

Indeed, coloring is an excellent way to rediscover
this sense of awareness and tranquility;

Get started today!

There is no orderly sequences to follow as you can get on track anywhere you like within the wonderful pages of the eBook.

Just select those that speak to your heart, pick up a color pencil and flow with it.

Happy coloring!
Value = $37

From : Steve G. Jones

Discover Abundance
Abundance is within you. It is simply a matter of first realizing this truth and second making it a reality in your own life. Hypnosis and using the Law of Attraction to get what you want is the key to accomplishing the goal of creating more abundance by drawing from your own resources and then adding upon that foundation.

This product was created by "… hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones, (who appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker [as a millionaire])" — People Magazine

Abundance is something you create for yourself, using the Law of Attraction to get what you want.
Value = $79

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